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Our Mission

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You are born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life? - Rumi

"As quoted above, every child is born with wings, and it is the responsibility of the institution (be it the school or home), to encourage them and to teach them how to spread those wings and fly. St. Paul School is established to educate every child so that they grow up to have an Identity of their own and to create a change within their horizon".

Our Vision

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"I believe every child is like a clay, that can be molded to either be appreciated or discarded, as an educator our vision is to mould a child to be perfect in their imperfections, to be truthful in their falls, to be honest with their success and to be courageous to face every high and low set ahead of them". We look forward to set this school not just as an institution of academics but a platform where every student learns to develop moral values, skills and unending desire for excellence."